Have You Been Charged With a Misdemeanor?

You need the proper defense from Gregory K. Lind, Attorney at Law in Springfield, OH

No one should take a misdemeanor charge lightly. While not as serious as a felony charge, a misdemeanor could still land you with expensive fines and jail time. You need a strong criminal defense, and Gregory K. Lind, Attorney at Law can provide it.

Our firm in Springfield, OH takes on a wide variety of cases. You can simply tell us about your situation, and we'll help you plan your next steps.

Discuss your situation with us now by calling 937-525-0025.

Make a plan for your defense

Our lead attorney has more than 33 years of experience, so he knows how to handle your situation properly. When building your criminal defense, we'll:

  • Tell you what to expect during proceedings
  • Ask you about your side of the story
  • Gather evidence or footage from the incident
  • Consult the local police to get more information
  • Look for regular and expert witnesses

Fight back against a misdemeanor charge with our help. You can turn to us if you live in the Springfield, OH area.

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