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The inevitable can happen at any time. When it does, you don't want your family to have to endure the costly and stressful process of probate court while still grieving over their loss. Effective estate planning ensures that there is a plan in place for your care and the disbursement of your assets. Discover what a relief it is to have a comprehensive plan for your estate by calling Mr. Lind today.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Springfield, OH

Estate planning can include directives for many situations. Asset allocation, medical care preferences and end-of-life arrangements can all be included in your estate plan. There are also many tools for estate planning, such as wills, powers of attorney and trusts. To learn how you can create a comprehensive plan for your estate, call Gregory K Lind, Attorney at Law.


Wills are some of the most effective tools when establishing plans for your care and your estate. Wills expedite the probate process by providing specific instructions for the allocation of your assets. Any part of your estate not specifically mentioned in your will still has to go through probate court.


The question of who will provide primary care for children, special needs adults and incapacitated elderly family members falls under guardianship law. If preferred guardianship is not specifically addressed in a will, or if the guardianship right is contested by another, the case will likely involve litigation. Guardianship law can also involve who will oversee a child's inheritance before they turn 18. For more information about guardianship law in Springfield, OH, call Gregory K Lind, Attorney at Law.


Anyone wishing to adopt a child in the State of Ohio must have an attorney. Mr. Lind has worked with many clients to facilitate the adoption process. If you are seeking parental guardianship of a child in Springfield, Ohio, Mr. Lind can help you understand and complete the necessary steps of filing for adoption.

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